Naturopathy Consultations in Sydney CBD 


Catherine and her team of naturopaths focus on inspiring and educating you, so you can the steps that lead you to amazing health, energy and vitality.

Simple dietary changes, combined with the key nutrients and herbs that we determine best for you unique health concerns, means you can begin to notice an improvement in as little as 2 weeks.  Dont worry....we are not going to make you eat lentils 3 times a day!  Our changes are simple and easy to manage.  We partner with you and meet you where you are.  Our goal is for you to develop a new lifestyle; one that empowers you and takes you on the journey to renewed energy, health and vitaltiy.

If you are ready to bounce out of bed again, reduce your bloating, sleep well and wake refreshed (and maybe lose a few kilos while you are at it), then there is no better time than right now!


Naturopathy Consultations at Radiance

Naturopathy is offered in two different types of consultation at Radiance

  1. General Naturopathy

  2. Fertility Naturopathy

General Naturopathy

If you suffer from general health concerns such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, weight gain or digestive complaints such as IBS or constipation then this catgegory of consultations is perfect for you.

Kick Start - General Naturopathy consultation  

This is an in-depth naturopathic consultation designed to find the underlying causes of your health concerns.  You will receive a:

  • Full and comprehensive review of your current and past medical history

  • Naturopathic strategy to determine your direction of treatment

  • Detailed Nutritional program with sample meal plan

  • Specialised supplement and herbal medicine recommendations based on your individual health concerns

In addition to the consultation, your naturopath might recommend one of the many scientific tests that we use to provide a greater understanding of the particulars of your case.


Fertility Naturopathy Consultation

This consultation has been specifically designed for woman and/or their partners who are interested in falling pregnant in the next few months to a year, or women who want to optimize their health and the health of their child for the remainder of their pregnancy and beyond.  Ideally, this consultation can be three to twelve months before conception, but can occur at any time on the journey to motherhood. 


We specialise in assisting woman who have health concerns, such as PCOS, that may compromise their ability to fall pregnant.