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Naturopathic Mentor and Coaching Programs

"Being in business, especially as a naturopath or alternative healthcare practitioner, is one of the greatest personal development opportunities that life will ever offer you"

Running a business can be challenging especially if you have never done it before.  When you first start out in business, you need to wear many different hats: practitioner, marketer, accountant, receptionist, stock controller, book keeper.....the list goes on.  For many, this is a daunting process that can leave you burnt out and feeling overwhelmeed and frazzled.  The key to success is having a final vision and a system to get you there.  Without this vision you have nothing to work towards and without the system, you have no way to get there.

Over the last 12 years, Catherine has grown both as a practitioner and business woman.  She has developed three successful practices as she has moved from sole practitioner to owning Radiance Healthcare Centre, a boutique practice in Sydney CBD.  Catherine is now stepping away from seeing clients and is focusing on one of her greatest passions, mentoring.  Catherine is helping new graduates navigate their way through the mine field of business and helping practitioners polish their consultations so they can shine like never before.

Mentoring and seminars

Catherine offers several different types of mentoring programs:

One on one coaching - Designed to answer your specific questions on client management, practice management or business developement

Mentoring program - Commencing in July 2013, this program will take a select number of graduates through her 8 week program.  At the end of the program you may have the opportunity to join Catherine's team of naturopath's at Radiance Healthcare Centre in Sydney CBD.

Coaching seminars - Run once per month, this seminar series will cover specific topics related to establishing and running a complementary medicine practice.

If you are interested in being mentored by Catherine or participating in one of her programs please fill out our application form or express your interest by emailing her directly.